American Charity ShowZ is a broadcast stage for Charities from across America to share the stories of their passion and purpose driven missions to the broad online audiences who want to support those who serve.
America has more than 11 million people working everyday for nonprofit organizations. The stories of these individual efforts and the digitally creative and magical way they present themselves is new . . . . if you will, a NEW STAGE, for them to show their heart and soul to audiences across the Globe. The ShowZ are curated and organized for you by our staff to help you find your passions– or perhaps discover something inside of you that sparks inspiration to serve.
These ShowZ are produced to tell a story and garner support. With some exceptions, the story tellers are not professionally trained to entertain and perform for you. Their day job is the hard work for the clients and stakeholders of their missions. We truly hope you enjoy what you see and send support either financially or through direct engagement with these fine and purpose driven organizations.

American Charity ShowZ is a public service initiative of the American Nonprofit Academy. The Academy is an established digital platform providing news, training, and inspiration to the members of the Nonprofit community.