APPLY TO SEE YOUR STORY ON CHARITY SHOWZ! is a public service initiative of the American Nonprofit Academy. We are proud to be promoting Charities and their passionate purposeful mission stories. Their stories are compelling, emotional, very creative and often highly entertaining. Our goal is to present the organizations in their best light to our audiences. The purpose of our public initiative is to expand each Charities reach to the broader Global Online audiences. We hope this platform generates more engagement, fundraising support, and give well deserved recognition to their Sponsors.
We welcome you to submit your recent Gala or Nonprofit Event–or Upcoming Live Show. Before you submit your application–below are some guidelines we use to curate and select stories for broadcasting:

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    I would like donation and verification linkage for $79 per month--Payment occurs after show is acceptedI do not want donation linkage

    Our staff reviews the stories for quality and appropriateness of content, and if accepted, adds them to our Active Streaming Channels for the audience. Unfortunately, we cannot accept all video’s as we curate our collection of stories to appeal to our valued Online audiences.

    • The audience is looking for entertaining and moving stories, produced at a high quality with good lighting and sound. A proper production will engage viewers emotions and hopefully spark their willingness to donate from your presentation of sincere, interesting and authentic audio and video.
    • The ShowZ should be from a U.S. registered nonprofit whose primary mission is charitable to its community.
    • There is no cost to have your video story streaming on Charity ShowZ. We do not take any portion of donations received by your nonprofit or charge any donation collection or processing services. At your option, we offer a flat $79 per month linkage fee if you choose to have the Credential Buttons (Donate Here, About Us, and Nonprofit verification) activated on your Story slot. For future Upcoming LIVE Show or LIVE events–again, at your option– a “Register for Event” and “About Us” button linkage is the same $79 per month.
    • The ideal video story length is between 25 and 50 minutes– based on audience attention analysis. We do have a “Short Stories” category for ShowZ between 5 and 15 minutes in duration. Online videos longer than 75 minutes are a challenge for everyone.
    • Your videos should be in one of the following formats: MP4, MOV, M4V, HLS –and be allowed to be downloaded directly to our Charity ShowZ server. (a youtube link is okay but not always the best–as we try to reduce intrusive advertisements and re-directions from those third party advertisers).
    • The video producer and all related parties must agree to allow Charity ShowZ unlimited rights to re-distribute the video. Also, Charity ShowZ requires the right to edit snippets of the video to present as previews/trailers/teasers/page images on our site pages and Active Streaming Channels. Please read our Terms of Use.

    Our goal is to put your story and organization in it’s Best Light to connect with our online Audience.